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Tagged for Murder by Jack Fredrickson

January 2018 (UK) / May 2018 (USA)

 Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Severn House
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-7278-8772-6  

When the man who's hired Dek Elstrom disappears, the private investigator's search for his missing client unearths some shocking findings. 

The dead man is found spread-eagled on the top of a box car on an abandoned rail siding. He's dressed in a $2000 suit, yet half his teeth are rotten and his skin is bad. Who was he … and how did he end up there?

When he's offered an exorbitant fee to photograph the scene, PI Dek Elstrom doesn't ask many questions. But his photos reveal something surprising: there's a witness to the murder, a tagger who's returned to the scene to paint what he saw. His work quickly disappears. What is it that the mysterious graffiti artist wants the world to know?

Then a second body shows up – and the case takes a shocking new twist … 

Tagged For Murder novel cover
Tagged For Murder novel cover


"The discovery of a man's lifeless body on top of a boxcar in a little-used railway siding drives Fredrickson's well-crafted seventh mystery featuring wily, wise-cracking Chicago PI Dek Elstrom (after 2017's Hidden Graves). Clues to the dead man's identity are contradictory: he's wearing an expensive suit, but his teeth are rotting and his skin has the appearance of someone who has been living on the street. Well-known cheapskate and small-time realtor Herb Sunheim offers Dek $500 to take photos of the crime scene. Unclear on why Sunheim would pay for something already done by the police, Dek nonetheless accepts the task in order to earn some much-needed cash. Soon he is caught up in several tangled skeins of corruption, and, one by one, people connected with the case disappear or turn up dead. Will Dek be the next to meet his maker? Elements of farce, including a pack of geriatric dames in 1950s poodle skirts, enliven the proceedings. This entry is sure to garner new fans for this delightfully eccentric detective series." - Publishers Weekly